Convertible Bonds

KNG Securities is a leading broker of global convertible bonds with a focus on the small to mid-cap sector issues.

Convertible Bonds have been a core product for KNG since the firm’s inception. We are a leading client-to-client broker of international Convertibles from all regions, offering a particular expertise and service in those Bonds that can be hard to trade, whether due to the size of the issue, or because the credit has become stressed. 

The KNG convertible sales team has an average of over 15 years market experience and as such has deep relationships with a significant percentage of the Convertible investor base. The firm’s client base is global and our unique cross-regional approach allows us to efficiently and discreetly match buyers and sellers with differing investment styles and geographies.

KNG always works solely for our clients to find the matching interest for their order. We do not take any positions for our own account.

We trade and quote prices for the entire universe of European, Asian, Japanese and emerging market issuers, and we also track many of the less liquid North American issues.  These prices may be found on Bloomberg at KNGA <GO> and KNGE <GO> and also on our Reuters pages.

As part of our service to customers, we also produce valuations and commentary on most new Convertible issues. In addition, we distribute daily newsletters, and month-end valuations runs for most of the international CB universe. Please note, post-MiFID II, that we do not consider any of these desk notes to be meaningful research products; rather that they are helpfully reformatted summaries of information which is otherwise publicly available. As such, we do not charge for the provision of these notes.


Our product expertise and access to the global universe of Convertible Bond investors, has also led us to structure and place new Convertible Bonds for an interesting range of Issuers. This has provided our investors with access to some smaller deals which can offer attractive diversification for their portfolios. We continue to source deals from sectors and geographies that larger houses may have under-appreciated, such as precious metals and modern media, and giving exposure to territories such as Canada and India. We remain engaged with multiple projects in this area, and we also welcome reverse inquiries from investors.

Sean O'Brien
Convertible Bond Sales