Credit Trading

Our credit trading desk operates a client-to-client model in both bonds and loans with a focus on the following asset classes:

  • Corporate Debt
  • Distressed Debt
  • Special Situations
  • Sovereign, Supranational, Agency and Covered Bonds
  • Emerging Markets

We are mostly dedicated to illiquid or difficult to trade positions and special situations that require tailor-made execution. Our process involves identifying the underlying exposure, pricing the required illiquidity premium and finding the appropriate investor for the specific risk. Key to our success is the complementary nature of our investor base that allows us to trade positions from one client to another according to the different priorities, regulatory constraints and investment criteria that characterise each sector and region within the investor community.

Andrea Podesta
Managing Partner

Michael Freilich
Fixed Income Sales

Filippo Gromo
Fixed Income Sales

Lukas Linsbichler
Head of Fixed Income, Germany & Austria

Justin Little
Fixed Income Sales

Guillermo Solis
Fixed Income Sales